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Entry #2

If you're reading this.

2010-12-19 03:20:26 by XDragonslayerX

Every single one of you artists out there...I enjoy your styles so much. I was going down through the lists of music. Every one of them were different. I appreciated them all, even though I didn't review them. You guys are what keeps Newgrounds real. Don't stop. Oh..and watch out for creepy santa ----------v

If you're reading this.


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2010-12-19 03:27:14

you dont hear that too often in these parts. Glad you appreciate the music, I can't speak for the collective, but thanks for the props.

XDragonslayerX responds:

It's all you guys. Just keep doing your thing. Haha.


2010-12-25 01:25:59

Merry Christmas!

XDragonslayerX responds:

Merry Christmas yourself, Will!